In the fields with little Rapunzel

It is a little early for photos in fields of crops – everything is green rather than golden. Nonetheless, I couldn’t pass up the photo opportunity when it came up. Recently I had an unexpected visit in my hometown. The suburbs there look like proper countryside.

It was already evening when I set off for the walk too, so I only caught the last sunset-tinted rays of light.

The results were a little different than what I had in mind, and seeing the photos on a bigger screen for the first time I thought I’d scrap them and wait for another opportunity – but I couldn’t really give them up. In the end, I have decided to enjoy them for what they are, and save any reservation for the betterment of the future ‘photo walks’ 🙂

This spontaneous session was only possible because of the little white tunic that I had ready in advance – I made it last year and forgot about. When I heard I had to go, all I had to do was slip the doll and her accessories in my luggage. Nobody on the train knew my secret 😉

It was sewn according to the free pattern from Mekkotehdas . There are no instructions, but sewing it like a dress with a lined bodice works just fine (where you start with two layers for the bodice, facing good side to good side, and flip it inside out after sewing the sides. I only add a single seam allowance around each piece).  For a personal touch, I added the tiny buttons and gathered the sleeve ever so slightly.

Taking doll photos in your hometown is even scarier – I was seriously worried of running into someone I know 😀 Of course, there is no shame in collecting dolls, but… I need a little more time to gather my courage.

I once read that you should be careful to avoid flyaway hair when photographing dolls. I dutifully packed a doll-sized hairbrush (now that would be a perfect sight… and adult sitting in a country road brushing a dolly), but I just let them be. Since it’s Rapunzel, her flyways are magical.

This last photo will be different. I took it back at home, and let me be honest, the colours where crazy from overexposure and I couldn’t fix it. As a last ditch effort, I salvaged it by making it sepia tone. Now it reminds me of my mother’s childhood photos – she too was a little blond girl in a white dress in them. A happy accident 🙂 Don’t tell anyone, though – the official story will be that it was the plan all along 😉

Vintage sepia Rapunzel s

That’s all from Rapunzel – for now.

The summer is here, and I still don’t have holiday plans. Aside from choosing a destination, I still have to decide which doll to take along. I would like to take an Animators’ doll, but they take so much space in luggage. It will probably be one of the Ever After High girls. Maybe Holly or Cerise. Whoever it ends up being, I’ll be sure to share the results 🙂

Isi Dawndancer, Boho Style

If you’ve read my recent review, you know that I am very impressed with Monster High’s Isi Dawndancer. Even though I really like her original outfit, I immediately thought she would looks equally beautiful in other clothes, like a lovely dress, for example. Here are a few photos of Isi looking girly and free in a boho-inspired outfit.

Isi Dawdancer in a dress

This is the same dress that I used for my beach photo shoot with Ashlynn Ella here. I feel like different accessories give a different enough feel.

The only new item I crafted especially for this occasion is the floral crown. I made it using polymer clay flowers that I hot-glued to a leather band. It fastens with a piece of velcro which I also glued down. I finished it off with leaves cut from tissue paper. Altogether, it is probably not the most durable option, but it endured the trip into the wilds just fine.

I wanted very much to pose the doll like she is dancing, which meant fighting the wind and gravity. I cannot count how, many times I had to pick her off the grass, but, after all, it doesn’t show in the photos, so all is well 🙂

In all the standing poses she was propped up against a small stick 🙂 You can actually see it peeking in the next photo. If she was really dancing it would be a tripping hazard, but visually I thought it wasn’t getting in the way – so there will be no attempts at photoshop magic.

The idea for this outfit came partly as an extension of her original style – which already contains somo boho elements. But another source of inspiration came from a Project MC2 doll that I was considering buying, namely Ember Evergreen with Glitter Tattoos. In the end, I decided I didn’t need her, but the odd-but-cool idea of pairing a flowy dress with high boots stuck with me. Mine have been borrowed from signature Cerise Hood.

All in all, I am pleased with the look, but I can see room for improvement as far as the photos go. I’m still figuring out what works best – both in terms of lighting conditions (a.k.a. weather) and camera settings. There is slight noise here and there. Nonetheless, I think I can call this a success and move on 🙂

Boho Isi.jpg