In the fields with little Rapunzel

It is a little early for photos in fields of crops – everything is green rather than golden. Nonetheless, I couldn’t pass up the photo opportunity when it came up. Recently I had an unexpected visit in my hometown. The suburbs there look like proper countryside.

It was already evening when I set off for the walk too, so I only caught the last sunset-tinted rays of light.

The results were a little different than what I had in mind, and seeing the photos on a bigger screen for the first time I thought I’d scrap them and wait for another opportunity – but I couldn’t really give them up. In the end, I have decided to enjoy them for what they are, and save any reservation for the betterment of the future ‘photo walks’ πŸ™‚

This spontaneous session was only possible because of the little white tunic that I had ready in advance – I made it last year and forgot about. When I heard I had to go, all I had to do was slip the doll and her accessories in my luggage. Nobody on the train knew my secret πŸ˜‰

It was sewn according to the free pattern from Mekkotehdas . There are no instructions, but sewing it like a dress with a lined bodice works just fine (where you start with two layers for the bodice, facing good side to good side, and flip it inside out after sewing the sides. I only add a single seam allowance around each piece).Β  For a personal touch, I added the tiny buttons and gathered the sleeve ever so slightly.

Taking doll photos in your hometown is even scarier – I was seriously worried of running into someone I know πŸ˜€ Of course, there is no shame in collecting dolls, but… I need a little more time to gather my courage.

I once read that you should be careful to avoid flyaway hair when photographing dolls. I dutifully packed a doll-sized hairbrush (now that would be a perfect sight… and adult sitting in a country road brushing a dolly), but I just let them be. Since it’s Rapunzel, her flyways are magical.

This last photo will be different. I took it back at home, and let me be honest, the colours where crazy from overexposure and I couldn’t fix it. As a last ditch effort, I salvaged it by making it sepia tone. Now it reminds me of my mother’s childhood photos – she too was a little blond girl in a white dress in them. A happy accident πŸ™‚ Don’t tell anyone, though – the official story will be that it was the plan all along πŸ˜‰

Vintage sepia Rapunzel s

That’s all from Rapunzel – for now.

The summer is here, and I still don’t have holiday plans. Aside from choosing a destination, I still have to decide which doll to take along. I would like to take an Animators’ doll, but they take so much space in luggage. It will probably be one of the Ever After High girls. Maybe Holly or Cerise. Whoever it ends up being, I’ll be sure to share the results πŸ™‚

Isi Dawndancer, Boho Style

If you’ve read my recent review, you know that I am very impressed with Monster High’s Isi Dawndancer. Even though I really like her original outfit, I immediately thought she would looks equally beautiful in other clothes, like a lovely dress, for example. Here are a few photos of Isi looking girly and free in a boho-inspired outfit.

Isi Dawdancer in a dress

This is the same dress that I used for my beach photo shoot with Ashlynn Ella here. I feel like different accessories give a different enough feel.

The only new item I crafted especially for this occasion is the floral crown. I made it using polymer clay flowers that I hot-glued to a leather band. It fastens with a piece of velcro which I also glued down. I finished it off with leaves cut from tissue paper. Altogether, it is probably not the most durable option, but it endured the trip into the wilds just fine.

I wanted very much to pose the doll like she is dancing, which meant fighting the wind and gravity. I cannot count how, many times I had to pick her off the grass, but, after all, it doesn’t show in the photos, so all is well πŸ™‚

In all the standing poses she was propped up against a small stick πŸ™‚ You can actually see it peeking in the next photo. If she was really dancing it would be a tripping hazard, but visually I thought it wasn’t getting in the way – so there will be no attempts at photoshop magic.

The idea for this outfit came partly as an extension of her original style – which already contains somo boho elements. But another source of inspiration came from a Project MC2 doll that I was considering buying, namely Ember Evergreen with Glitter Tattoos. In the end, I decided I didn’t need her, but the odd-but-cool idea of pairing a flowy dress with high boots stuck with me. Mine have been borrowed from signature Cerise Hood.

All in all, I am pleased with the look, but I can see room for improvement as far as the photos go. I’m still figuring out what works best – both in terms of lighting conditions (a.k.a. weather) and camera settings. There is slight noise here and there. Nonetheless, I think I can call this a success and move on πŸ™‚

Boho Isi.jpg


Moster High’s Isi Dawndancer – A review

A few months ago, Monster High might have as well not existed at all, as far as I was concerned. I skipped Monster High products altogether when browsing dolls online.

However, one day, my husband pointed out a doll on the page that I was browsing – a Monster High doll I would have ignored, as usual. It was Isi Dawndancer. Now I am in love and I can’t believe I could have missed out!

Isi Dawndancer

Isi Dawndancer is a one of the Monster High’s “Brand-Boo Students” – a line of characters visiting the school as a part of a student exchange program. According to the manufacturer’s information, she comes from “Boo Hexico” and is a descendant of a Deer Spirit”. This is Isi’s first (and so far only) doll release.

The line became available for sale in 2015, but they can still be found new in their boxes. In fact, this is my first all new Monster High doll that I get to unbox!

The packaging & contents

The doll came packaged in a relatively generic box, which is mostly the same in the general design for all the dolls in the line, but for the personalised images. While it is not something I would have been likely to design with this character in mind, it works surprisingly well. The low-key background lets Isi shine, and in this setup, I can almost see her dancing in the moonlight. The comic-book like illustrations are bright and gorgeous. Especially the big one in the back:

Mine came a little bit worn, which detracts from the art, but I hope that the picture gets across the general feel. Even after deboxing the doll, I find it hard to part with the package!

I almost missed that, but the doll is posed as if she’s reaching into her locker. It’s a nice touch, and the pose looks pretty natural:

Upon unboxing, you will discover a few non-wearable doll accessories: a stand, a brush, and a diary.

The brush seems slightly better than the Ever After high brushes, but still, the ‘bristles’ are sparse and overall, I wouldn’t like to have to rely on it for actual doll-hair brushing.

The inclusion of a stand is always a positive – although, don’t mind me occasionally switching it up with an EAH one for subjective reasons throughout the review.

The diary contains Isi’s account of the events preceding her visit at Monster High. The story in itself isn’t exactly a must read, but it is nice to become more acquainted with the character by seeing things through her perspective. The last page contains some key facts about her:

It is definitely easier to read here, though:

The doll

Here she is, standing proud in all her charm:

Isi’s body is mostly the same as that of other classic MH dolls, with a few personal touches.

Her feet are actually cloven hooves. It’s both a fantastic idea and a sight that takes some getting used to:

Her hands have a texture to them. I am not certain if that’s a defect or an intentional ‘fuzzy’ or animal skin effect, but I am going to assume it’s the latter:

But her likeness to a deer is primarily conveyed through her unique face paint and her big, pointy ears:

Her face is beautiful. I did not know you could make an animal-inspired doll with so much grace! She is a very non-disturbing blend of human and animal.

Her make up – the violet eye-shadow and pink lips – is both girly and subtle. It doesn’t seem to directly match her outfit – something I may be overly conservative about – but it certainly doesn’t seem to clash with the other colours either.

Her face paint is partially obscured by the headband. Luckily, she looks cute both with and without it:

Here you can see the details that give Isi her deer characteristics: Elongated eyebrows, a black nose and adorable white dots. It may not be obvious from looking at the photo, but the area around her eyes is lightly shaded white, to mimic the markings on real deer.

The doll’s hair is amazing. I can’t find any fault with it. The colour is wonderful both in itself and in combination with her terracotta skin tone. It is long and silky, free from any gel or glue. There is a very thin strand of hair which is longer than the rest, but the ‘problem’ can be solved with one quick snip, so I won’t even count it against her.

I had heard positive things about this doll’s hair prior to owning one, and I had trouble understanding why simple, straight hair caused reviewers to sing praises about it. No gel or tangles should be a given, not a special treat?

Now I think I do understand the excitement. The hair is so, so pleasant to touch, and, on the practical side, it’s so convenient when you don’t have to boil wash a new dolls hair first thing out of the box. It is fit and ready to be enjoyed.

It is perhaps a little hard to see, but there are actually two or three shades of turquoise strands in her hair:

Overall, a very good looking deer lady.

The Clothes

Isi’s diary states that she likes to dress in clothes that are indicative of her culture and tradition, but with a modern spin. Indeed, her clothes are covered in colorful, Aztec-like patterns, finished off with a few surprising details.

Of the two fabric pieces of clothing that she comes with, her top has perhaps slightly simpler in pattern and is mostly red:

What is also interesting to me as an amateur sewist is the fact that the top seems to be made from one piece. With the cool sleeves and wide girly neckline, it is a very flattering top that would definitely be worth recreating – all the more if it means less cutting and less sewing πŸ˜‰

Her leggings share a similar style to that of her blouse, but with the addition of the MH logo designs – the so called ‘skullettes’. To be honest, I think they don’t make a lot of sense and I wish there weren’t any, but at least they blend in fairly well. Mattel seems to like to incorporate ‘creepy’ elements into Monster High dolls and their clothes, but I feel like this time they have restrained themselves, with very good results.

The twist here is that the leggings are actually no leggings at all, but rather constitute a part of a jumpsuit which comes to a halter top. It closes with a velcro in the back and on the neck. Once again, the cut is relatively simple – no darts, no nothing, but it fits perfectly. And it’s not even stretchy.

She kind ofΒ  looks quite like a diva in it, doesn’t she?


Isi Dawndancer comes with quite a generous number of accessories which work altogether to create a stunning, unique whole. Arguably, the headdress may be the most important one of them:

It is a clever idea: the antlers are a very recognizable ‘deer’ element, certainly worth incorporating in the design; thanks to the headband, they don’t have to gender-inaccurately grow out of her head. Even being just a decoration, the antlers look quite impressive.

On one side, there is a hanging dream-catcher with feathers attached: one of many incorporated in Isi’s outfit. It looks girly and charming flowing down her hair.

The headband is removable, it closes in the back with a little peg. It is easy to remove (but seems secure when closed).

In one of the deer lady’s ears, you can see a triangular earring. The ears are relatively soft and pliable, so it’s entirely possible to take it out or switch out for a different one (no replacements are included, though, so you’ll have to be creative). The other ear has an indentation but isn’t pierced.

The earring matches her four bracelets, as seen in this photo:

I’m impressed that she came with so many of them. Certainly, the amount of plastic used to make them can’t be too costly, but even so, such accessories seem to be becoming more and more rare.

The bag is a big dream catcher decorated with beads and feathers. It has very nice moulded details, but would perhaps looks even better had they been painted as well.

It is, however, a functioning one. It opens at the top. The clasp is also a dream-catcher.

The bag is similar to her shoes in colour and detail. They are both turquoise, have feather and dream-catcher details and a similar pattern – in this case, carved into the base of the shoes. The tops part resembles layers of fringe.

I quite like them. It’s not something I would be likely to wear myself, but I appreciate that, in all their intricacy, they remain fairly realistic, so that some other human being (not me) could wear life-sized copies.

They could absolutely be used with other doll outfits and that’s a big plus for me.

In the back, there are long slits. I imagine that without them it would be impossible to put the shoes on the doll.

Finally, Isi wears a yellow necklace. It consists of two rows of yellow beads and a crescent moon pendant. It has an opening in the back for easy application. It doesn’t strictly match her other accessories, but it doesn’t look offensive by any means, but rather brightens up the outfit.

Somehow, all the clothes and accessories work well together, creating a rich and pleasing sight. ‘Somehow’, because they are eclectic. Not only in their colour – I would have hesitated over putting together red and pink – but apparently it is only a problem in my imagination – but also eclectic ethnically; apparently, according to the reports of people who know more than I do, Isi wears together elements suggestive of different native American tribes.

Flaws and defects

The sad fact of collecting playline dolls is that they are rarely flawless. This can cause such a heartache when you finally get to unbox your dream doll. Luckily, there haven’t been any unforgivable defects with this doll, but still certainly a few imperfections.

I’d like to start with a perceived flaw that appears to affect all the Isi dolls, not just mine. The eye ‘stamps’ seem to fall outside the boundaries of the eye-shaped indentations. It looks like her eyes were supposed to have their inner tips pointing further downwards.Β  I don’t know if this is a factory mistake or the result of a sudden change in design. Either way, it is something that I definitely did notice, but I am not particularly bothered by since the doll still looks lovely (and since it’s not just me getting an unlucky one but apparently a common issue).

Her left eyebrow (right one in the photo) is also slightly asymmetrical to the other one (which looks altogether more neat than her sister). Again, this is hardly noticeable, but I would have preferred if the face details were all perfect.

You can also notice in the current photo, or in the one above it, that there is a minor flaw in the mould of necklace – a little extra plastic sticking out. Yes, I’m nitpicking, but that’s what I’m here for (among other things) πŸ™‚

Another minor error can be seen in one of her shoes. The paint is smudged. Fortunately, this should be easily removable with some acetone.

Perhaps the most serious defect is the splatter of teal paint under her chin:

It is subtle enough that you might miss it at first glance, but it’s definitely there, and more noticeable in person. It bothered me enough to want to try to remove it – which I did after the review – but it was a stressful procedure because of the threat of messing up her beautiful lip paint. In the end I did a decent job – as in she looks alright, but despite utmost care I may have dissolved a fraction of a millimeter of her lips indeed.

Finally, I want to address something that I believe is not a defect: it is fairly easy to catch Isi on camera looking wonky-eyed. I don’t know if this effect is caused by distortion in cameras, but I just don’t see it in person.

Before making a purchase, I have seen photos and videos where the doll looked unflattering at certain angles, and occasionally people commenting on it in a negative way. I too had resigned that she may indeed have a slight wonk. But actually holding her in my hand I feel like it only happens on camera.


Isi Dawndancer is another doll in my collection which in the overall design is near perfect but slightly lacking in the execution.

Isi is unique in her likeness to a deer, but her extraordinary facial features do not in any way disrupt the overall impression of sweetness and beauty. Her clothes and accessories are an important aspect of her design and add even more personality to the mix – although they certainly aren’t her only way to impress.

As I mentioned, there are flaws. I see them as just that – little factory mishaps, since apart from the paint smudges, the overall quality is satisfactory. That said, a critical paint error can ruin your enjoyment of the doll, so if you do intend to get one for yourself, it’s certainly safer to pick one yourself or ask for real photos when buying online.

Overall, I do think this one of a kind doll deserves her place in a collection, and now that she is still available new in box may be a good moment to make a move. Though, as always, it a question of taste. I know I love my Isi Dawndancer and I can definitely imagine her bringing as much joy to someone else.

Pastel Easter

Last year, when Easter was just around the corner, I was looking at various Easter themed dolls and their reviews – just for fun, no dolls were purchased in the process. I noticed that a lot of them were dressed in pastel colours, and I wondered – is this a thing? Around these parts, there is no such thing as a preferred set of colours for an Easter ensemble. Now I know, yes, apparently it’s a thing! And I even decided to make my own pastel Easter dress for a doll πŸ™‚

This dress was made according to the Mimi dress pattern by Dolly Delicacies (still not a payed advertisement :)). I went with a 1/2 sleeve length, because I think it looks elegant, plus, it can be somewhat chilly in early spring πŸ™‚

As for the fabric, I sacrificed my own light cotton top. Don’t worry too much about it, it didn’t suit me so well, and it had just the right springlike colours.

I’ll admit to one problem right away – the colours are perhaps perfect for the occasion, but in retrospect, I am not sure they go so well Rapunzel’s complexion. Her face looks somewhat garish.

You know how certain colours don’t suit certain people? I find that it is even more true for dolls. At face value their ‘complexions’ resemble natural ones, but if you look closely – or even worse, tale a photo – some odd undertones emerge. At least this is my experience. I have been learning the hard way not to assume a fabric will go well with a doll. It’s best to put it next to her face and stare long and hard until you’re sure the tones aren’t clashing. Needless to say, I did not do it this time πŸ™‚

On the bright side, I found chocolate eggs in exactly the size and colours I wanted πŸ™‚

This year, I tried to learn from my last year’s experience: since I have found that greenery is not yet particularly lush and appealing this time of the year, I thought I’d try indoors. I am not sure which solution was better in the end, as I am not in love with the more artificial feel that the backdrop (posterboard) creates. Should I mention that they only had a limited range of colours available too?

Overall, I landed this surprisingly challenging project in an acceptable place, but I am not entirely satisfied. Maybe next year? They pass so quickly I am not even too disheartened about having to wait for another chance (I’m definitely done for this year πŸ˜‰ )

Anyhow, Happy Easter to you doll lovers and all passing by πŸ™‚

Monster High “Dance Class” Howleen

I have recently admitted to liking a few of the Monster High dolls, and among them – the “Dance Class” Howleen. I don’t know why, myself not being particularly ‘edgy’, occasionally find myself attracted to ‘edgy’ dolls. To me, Howleen is a fantastic blend of both edgy and cuteΒ  πŸ™‚

The “Dance Class” line debuted in 2012. While I have noticed that it is still sometimes possible to find them “New In Box” for a fairly decent price, I was perfectly happy to purchase this particular one used, and not only unboxed – one that had actually actually played with. But apart from slightly loose wrist joints, she is in a pretty great condition! She also came with every one of her original accessories and even some extras! I think this is evidence of great parenting in that householdΒ  πŸ˜‰

Howleen is portrayed as a younger girl (warewolf). This is reflected in her style and her build. She is slightly shorter and more slender in the chest area than her older friends from the Monster High line.

This line starred different monsters as enthusiasts of different kind of music, with Howleen as a Hip Hop fan. I can’t tell if her outfit is typical of a Hip Hop performer, but it certainly looks comfy for practice. The leggings and the leotard are, unfortunately, one piece. The whole outfit seems to be themed around sweet, bright colours and paw prints. The aforementioned ‘edginess’ comes from the inclusion of safety pins in the design and her big boom box shaped bag. Personally, I find safety pins to be more reminiscent of Heavy Metal, but they look fine on her.

The shoes look fairly simple, but are unique in that they are among rather few pairs of sporty shoes in the realm of Monster High – it seems that fancy & smart ones dominate. Howleen theoretically has smaller feet than the young adult dolls, but normal shoes fit her so-so and look passable.

My favourite part about the doll – the one thing that immediately caught my attention – is her pink puffy pigtails:

I don’t know why. I am no longer trying to understand, I have just let it be. This hairdo makes me happyΒ  πŸ™‚ I also like the very pink lips. I don’t know if it’s the conditioning by Barbie products in childhood, but sometimes this weird affinity for pink still surfaces.

I like Howleen as she is, overall – and I guess that includes the ears and he fangs. I have, nonetheless, thought that perhaps I would like her even more as a normal girl. The fangs could easily be painted over, and I found a very good tutorial on removing the wolf ears. And then I realised that if I cut off her wolf ears, she won’t have ears at all! I am not confident in my ability to sculpt tiny human ears, so she’s staying in wolf form for the foreseeable future.

The fact that Howleen is a (younger) teen has opened some new photo opportunities. She is the first doll who seems at home in the teen room in my IKEA Spexa paper dollhouse.

I thought she should have a little bit of mess in there, like a real teenΒ  πŸ™‚ 500 imaginary points if you can identify the trousers on the couchΒ  πŸ™‚ They used to belong to a doll from my childhood whom I liked a lot (especially before my hamster ripped out some of her hair. true story)

Howleen entered my collection bringing in many goodies – from personal charm to numerous doll accessories, but there is even more – the day I went to the other side of the city to pick her up from her previous owners, I ran into an old friend and we were able to get in touch againΒ  πŸ™‚ Certainly a doll with good looks and a good storyΒ  πŸ™‚

A dress fit for a… toddler

Recently I had developed a desire to make a truly ‘princessy’ dress for Rapunzel. In fact, I am surprised that so many months have passed without me being drawn to such an idea.

I had the motivation to sew, a design ready in my mind, and all I needed was the right fabric – a nice, pastel-coloured satin. Unfortunately, I simply could not find the right one. In the meantime, I ran into this most adorable pink corduroy, and its colour matched Rapunzel’s lips just right, too! So, I adjusted my ideas accordingly. Now I was making a cute toddler dress.

If you’re making a toddler dress for an Animators’ doll, you can’t go wrong with the Mekkotehdas free pattern. I have previously made jokes about me using two patterns over and over, so perhaps it’s time to be serious about why it’s so:

  • Animators’ dolls have quite big bellies. No other cut works as well on them as empire line. I find myself coming back to it.
  • The above pattern, and the other one I use, from Dolly Delicacies, are very versatile. Make the waist lower or high, the skirt longer or shorter, add the collar or skip it, alter the sleeves, add embellishments… and you have enough variants for a lifetime
  • For the most part, patterns aren’t free. I try to make the best of the ones I have. I am very pleased with them, too.

With this out of the way, maybe I can stop being apologetic about reusing the patterns πŸ™‚

In this case, I originally wanted to make the sleeves long to make the dress appropriate for the cold, winter months, but it was starting to look like pajamas. Luckily, the approaching disaster was spotted and averted in timeΒ  πŸ™‚

The white sleeve underneath is a doll top that I found in a shop – I thought I was very lucky to find something that fit my dolls like that. As a rule, you craft it, or do without. Unfortunately, it’s a small, local doll line, so I am afraid I cannot make a useful recommendation here.

The mouse plushie has a story, sort of. It was a gift for my husband (back then my boyfriend), possibly for valentines day, quite a few years ago. Maybe 7 or 8. I don’t know why a guy would need a mouse plushie, but he was kind enough to never complain πŸ™‚ I thought the mousie would make a good friend for Rapunzel (in the doll world, the colour scheme decides…).

I’ll be honest about one problem I have encountered with these photos. I am not too too sure that the colour balance is the absolute best, but it’s the best I could arrive at. I’ve been having that problem since I was forced to switch cameras a few months ago. Or maybe it’s just me. The longer you stare at these things, the more problems you start to notice. Maybe my wall is the wrong colour, too…

I had sewn these doll tights about a year ago, and the wear is starting to show. Personally, I think it’s adorable πŸ™‚

It will soon have been a year since I first got Rapunzel, and I think she deserves more creative attention than she has gotten. There have been a few attempts, but in the end I scrapped the photos because I wasn’t pleased with them. I still have the clothes I made for these photos, so I can always try again. Bottom line, I hope we will be seeing more of her.

Monster High: Yay or Nay?

Starring: “I Love Shoes” Draculaura

Monster High does not need to be introduced among doll collectors – at least those willing to take in playline dolls. And I certainly don’t mind. For all the rest, there is not shame in finding out just about now πŸ™‚

Monster High is a Mattel doll brand centered around monsters and ghosts, or, to be exact – the next generation of well-known (and lesser known) monsters – vampires, warewolves, even Bigfoot. If it sounds familiar to Ever After High, it is because they are sister brands, Monster High being the elder one. It is valued by kids and collectors alike for its rich fantasy designs and (usually) highly poseable bodies.

Monster High debuted in 2010. Perhaps because it was an eventful year for me, or perhaps because my collector sense was still lying dormant at that time, the birth of this brand did not register on me. I believe that the first time I heard about it was in 2013, when I saw the trailer for “Monster High: 13 Wishes” on YouTube. And I was… dismayed.

There seems to be something inherently wrong with selling scary dolls to little girls – at the very least it’s not a concept we had been used to prior to this decade. For me, this was also proof that before this world ends, toy manufacturers will have tried every conceivable idea in order to sell more – and while that’s their job, some ideas are just too absurd. I had a feeling that this one in particular took advantage of the Twilight hype and simply downsized the idea to fit 6 year olds and their toy boxes. So, no, I didn’t like Monster High.

Until shoes happened…

When I bought my first Ever After High doll, I immediately wanted to start sewing new clothes for her. The only obstacle was that my doll’s boots – we’re talking about Bunny Blanc – would not go with too too many outfits. After a quick online research, I learned that Monster High shoes fit EAH perfectly. Monster High… we meet again.

I decided to buy a used pair online. I wanted them to be versatile –Β  and the best and simplest shoesΒ  were for sale in a boundle with a doll and her clothes – and all for a really good price! So, um… yeah. I brought a vampire doll home.

My views on Monster High haven’t exactly changed by a full 180 degrees, but there has certainly been an evolution. It has been happening due to exposure. My favourite doll YouTubers reviewed Monster High dolls along with my beloved Ever After High ones, and I started noticing that some were pleasing to the eye.

Is Monster High good or bad? It’s hard to answer this question even for my own sake, even harder to answer it for others. But here are a few things worth considering:

  • In principle, I don’t think that the idea to sell scary, ‘evil’ characters to kids is a great one. I am not a parent, but, personally, I think I would not intentionally encourage interest in such themes
  • On the flipside, once you get to know the characters through the webisodes, it turns out they are not portrayed as scary or evil, rather cute, girly and just a little quirky
  • For the most part, the dolls themselves aren’t particularly scary either.
  • I am not a fan of some of the nonhuman skin tones, but the ideas and clothes designs are often great!
  • It’s not just glitter and handbags, though. I have encountered a few cases of nonchalant mention of demons in the show. Now that is rather disturbing.
  • Whether or not vampires, werewolves and ghosts bother you as a parent*, take note that many of the dolls are recommended for kids above 6 years old

*I mean this figuratively. If this is your problem literally, try calling Ghost Busters Frankie Stein πŸ™‚

For me… I suppose I will be caught in-between a little longer. Many of these dolls are just too weird for me and I don’t see myself becoming an avid Monster High collector. There are, however, a few ones which I think are cool or simply beautiful and to me feel more fantasy-inspired than monstrous, gloomy and scary. So who knows where exactly my evolution of thought will finally land. If you want to know, I guess you’ll have to stick around πŸ™‚