Isi Dawndancer, Boho Style

If you’ve read my recent review, you know that I am very impressed with Monster High’s Isi Dawndancer. Even though I really like her original outfit, I immediately thought she would looks equally beautiful in other clothes, like a lovely dress, for example. Here are a few photos of Isi looking girly and free in a boho-inspired outfit.

Isi Dawdancer in a dress

This is the same dress that I used for my beach photo shoot with Ashlynn Ella here. I feel like different accessories give a different enough feel.

The only new item I crafted especially for this occasion is the floral crown. I made it using polymer clay flowers that I hot-glued to a leather band. It fastens with a piece of velcro which I also glued down. I finished it off with leaves cut from tissue paper. Altogether, it is probably not the most durable option, but it endured the trip into the wilds just fine.

I wanted very much to pose the doll like she is dancing, which meant fighting the wind and gravity. I cannot count how, many times I had to pick her off the grass, but, after all, it doesn’t show in the photos, so all is well 🙂

In all the standing poses she was propped up against a small stick 🙂 You can actually see it peeking in the next photo. If she was really dancing it would be a tripping hazard, but visually I thought it wasn’t getting in the way – so there will be no attempts at photoshop magic.

The idea for this outfit came partly as an extension of her original style – which already contains somo boho elements. But another source of inspiration came from a Project MC2 doll that I was considering buying, namely Ember Evergreen with Glitter Tattoos. In the end, I decided I didn’t need her, but the odd-but-cool idea of pairing a flowy dress with high boots stuck with me. Mine have been borrowed from signature Cerise Hood.

All in all, I am pleased with the look, but I can see room for improvement as far as the photos go. I’m still figuring out what works best – both in terms of lighting conditions (a.k.a. weather) and camera settings. There is slight noise here and there. Nonetheless, I think I can call this a success and move on 🙂

Boho Isi.jpg