Bunny Blanc, the Cute and Friendly Witch!

Doll collectors do not play with dolls. But they do maaaybe change their doll’s clothes for fun from time time  🙂 Recently, when I was mixing outfits between my Ever After High dolls, I noticed that Bunny dressed in Cerise’s cloak and hood looks somewhat like Wendy the Witch (a character I didn’t even know I remembered until that moment). I decided to expand on this association and celebrate this Halloween by turning Bunny into a witch – but she’s too cute to be scary  🙂

I made her a hat and a few magical accessories. To be fair, opting for a hat instead of the hood left her resemblance to Wendy significantly lessened, but I guess that’s OK.

I cannot entirely explain my inclination to dress the doll in jeans and a t-shirt. I know this isn’t proper witch attire, but I was visually pleased with this combination and it stuck. I guess the modern touch is in keeping with the spirit of Ever After High, where fairytale legacy meets fashion every day. Speaking of the series, perhaps we’ve finally found someone willing to poison Apple White so that her story can go on?

Normally Bunny would never consider poisoning anyone, but perhaps she would understand that it simply has to be done if she were in Apple’s shoes… Oh wait, she is  🙂

Just kidding, though, Bunny is too damn cute to be a real witch, she’s just cosplaying  🙂

I must admit that I wasn’t entirely pleased with colour balance in some of these photos, and had trouble trying to remedy the situation. In my defense, I had to work in quite distracting conditions…


That’s what I get for doing the work last minute on a night like this.

Have a spellbinding Halloween  🙂

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