Bookworm Belle

A few months ago I sewed a cute dress with my DAC Belle in mind, took some photos and put it in a box with the other ones. Recently I’ve been thinking about re-using the dress in a different context and realised I never even published the original photos! So, at long last, here is the dress:

The dress was based on the same basic pattern as Rapunzel’s long floral dress and Merida’s orange summer dress. There is something I particularly like about this classic rendition. It is somewhat old fashioned, and as a result, even the modern Disney doll looks reminiscent of a traditional porcelain doll. Or so it seems to me. I am also just partial to dresses which have a school uniform feel – in their proper, innocent interpretation, mind you  🙂 I find it rather fitting for bookworm Belle, who, I would imagine, must have been a good student.

Belle is a beautiful doll, but not even she can wear everything. I have found that many colours, especially pinks and purples clash with her complexion. I had never thought that such things apply to dolls as well as people. She does look good in white, yellows and blues, among probably a few others, hence the fabric choice. I used thin denim for a slight modern touch.

Oh, and the teddy bear  🙂 It was a freebie added to a big package of tea (we sure like tea in this house), and I never thought it would be of any use, but these two are perfect for each other  🙂 He came with his own clothes, less work for me.

This is about it, as brief as that  🙂 Big post, big evil.


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