Fiery Little Spirit

Think of one colour you would never put on a doll with red hair. OK, make it three colours. Would orange be on your list?

I’m sure fashion police is out to get me now  🙂











When I was browsing through thrift-store dresses to harvest for fabric I decided, against all common sense, that this design would suit Merida. Doesn’t it, though?

And yes, it’s a real tiny ice-cream cone! And yes, I’m the one who ate the chocolate on top…







The dress is once again based on the Mimi Sewing Pattern for Disney Animators’ Collection, however this time around altered to make the dress sleeveless. I still have no affiliation with the author of the pattern  😉 It just really is quite versatile.




For the longest time I couldn’t establish what it was that inspired me to make a sleeveless collared dress – in all my life I never considered this type to be cool or pretty, and suddenly I decidedly wanted one, at least for my dolls. Then I had an epiphany – Blondie Lockes, Enchanted Picnic! I saw her and her dress a few times and it subconsciously grew on me  🙂 Apparently this creation is the first to marry my EAH and DAC interests  🙂



Merida, being the brave princess that she is, is not afraid to stand on the swing.

It is not easy to get additional shoes for Animators’ dolls, but I was lucky to find this one pair online. These are not strictly DAC shoes and are slightly big, but they look just fine with socks. I think they are adorable. Having new shoes  opens new outfit opportunities  🙂


I don’t know why one of her socks keeps turning up but it was beyond my power to stop it.

I still have one overdue summer photo set, and then I can start acknowledging that the seasons change  🙂

P.S. You can also view the above photos on Flickr, if more convenient.

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