Catching up & my Flickr

If you’ve been nice enough to drop by Muscellaneous during the summer, thanks a lot! But I also owe you an apology – there hasn’t been much to see. I have been taking doll  photos as usual but never got to sorting and editing them. Oops! I intend to start fixing that now.

Meanwhile, here is an announcement:

Mus Parvulus on Flickr

I have decided to start a Flickr account to supplement my blog. I am always a little sad to see horizontal photos all squashed and tiny in the blog posts, and I figured that Flickr would be a good alternative viewing option (plus you can save precious storage space by embedding pictures from there to here). The blog is of course staying – I like to to think of it as my little personal HQ in the vast Internet and a place to share thoughts in-depth, and that’s something I want to keep.

There isn’t a lot to see on my Flickr yet, but there sure is something! I have already uploaded a batch of summer doll photos for an upcoming post. It is coming soon with more details and insight, but feel free to take a sneak peek  🙂 In the future, I would like to update both platforms at more or less the same time.

Eventually I would like my Flickr to have all my earlier photos as well, but I think I will work on that gradually, re-uploading photos when the season is appropriate for a given theme. Something in me just can’t get used to the idea of re-uploading winter, spring and Easter photos right now.

Not to mention I’m not even done with the summer ones, so… stay tuned 😉

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