Pretty in pink – Ashlynn Ella

Ashlynn Ella in pink 01.jpg

Ashlynn Ella was the second the second Ever After High doll that I set my sights on after Bunny Blanc. It so happened that the one that really charmed me was the Mirror Beach version and, alas, it seems they are all sold and gone everywhere that’s in my reach (unless you want Apple or Maddie, I saw plenty of those). I was fully satisfied when I finally I found a second-hand one online.

I decided to skip any reviews and introductions and jump right into a ‘custom’ photo shoot – I believe that a beach doll is best photographed in her basic clothing  on an actual beach, and I’m hoping that I will be able to do this in the upcoming summer months.

Ashlynn Ella in pink 02

In the meantime, Ashlynn is wearing a little something that I put together and enjoying spring in the local rosarium.

Ashlynn Ella & roses.jpg

The dress is based on the first pattern I’ve made from scratch. My aim was to create the simplest t-shirt pattern possible – no shoulder seams, no separate sleeves, all from one piece. Then I added the skirt part.

I like the result visually, but the back is a work in progress. The flaps are small and do not close comfortably. It sounds like a small problem, but in my one-piece pattern there is no space left to add more fabric in-between them, if that makes sense. I hope that I will sort it out and end up with a pattern worth sharing 🙂

Ashlynn Ella in pink 03.jpg

The shoes came with the doll, though the mold was originally used for Briar Beauty. Briar definitely isn’t the only girl who appreciates roses and rose-inspired designs.

Ashlynn Ella & roses 02 crop

Ashlynn is such a beautiful, sweet doll. I’m so glad some kid out there grew out of it so that I might have it 🙂

Ashlynn Ella & roses 03


2 thoughts on “Pretty in pink – Ashlynn Ella

  1. Hey there,
    This blog is a really interesting read. The self-made outfits look great and your enthusiam for the subject makes reading it quite compelling.
    Keep it up!


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