In-between the seasons

The post has to be called something, doesn’t it 🙂

This winter has really been vague, though. There hasn’t been enough snowfall for my liking. The shriveled leaves give the world an autumn look. The odd ray of sunshine seems like a promise of a coming spring. For me, it is also an invitation to go out take some more photos.

Belle Animators tunic 000

I’m loving the tunic free pattern from Mekkotehdas. It has made for the most satisfying sewing project so far. I’m very grateful that someone out there decided to share such a great work free of charge.

Belle Animators tunic 003

I also like the colour and the print on the fabric very much – it comes from a thrifted shirt. It was also great for sewing – until recently I’ve been mostly trying to sew with jersey (that is whatever old t-shirts I had lying around 🙂 ) and I couldn’t handle the stretchiness very well. Stiffer cottons are soo much better – if only I knew that from the start!

Belle Animators tunic 002

I’ll admit that all the photos so far come from the same forest/park nearby. This is mostly because whenever favorable weather conditions strike, I head for the closest green area so as not to miss the moment. I do have a growing appetite for more exploration. I think I’d especially like a more urban session, but I’d have to develop some more courage first 🙂

Belle Animators tunic 001

Well, I guess it’s time to go home 🙂

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